Terms & Conditions

BDjobinfo.com is free site to access and there is no responsibility for this site about the information given by the companies. Companies have to check and modify their profiles by their own and have to make sure about the provided information. For any misinformation this site is never going to be liable. The aim of this site is to provide opportunity for the unemployed people; it’s not going to secure the confidentiality as it is public site.

Conditions for Resume :

  1. BDjobinfo.com doesn’t take any charge to post the resumes of the applicants.
  2. There is the free chance to update the information of the applicants anytime, as it is important to be updated the resume.
  3. By browsing this page and applying new jobs you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of BDjobinfo.com.
  4. This site don’t give any warranty of response against the CV. Companies will decide the recruitments and other processes.
  5. BDjobinfo.com doesn’t take any liability about the personal details of any person.
  6. The data is not transferrable, resume should be one for one particular applicants.
  7. BDjobinfo.com has the rights to cancel any resume any time, if they found any problem.
  8. Resumes should fill the requirements of the database of BDjobinfo.com.
  9. No contact number is going to provide to others, if its not visible in the resume.
  10. Any subscription offer or priority for the resumes can change any time and the right is deserved to BDjobinfo.com.
  11. If any applicants is not getting any response for their resume its not the responsibility of BDjobinfo.com.
  12. If they are getting any call or facing any disturbance for the information they provided to the sites its not the responsibility for BDjobinfo.com, because anyone can access there resume if they creates any company profile.

Conditions for Job Posting :

  1. BDjobinfo.com can reject or change the information’s given by the company for fitting the requirements of this site.
  2. After putting the job in display the response of the applicants is totally depends on their wish. BDjobinfo.com is not going to advertise any jobs separately.
  3. By browsing this page and posting new jobs you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of BDjobinfo.com.
  4. Any loose of any data of the company for the resumes and any other data should be companies own responsibility.
  5. The look or the design for the site of BDjobinfo.com is totally in their rights, the site can change anything in this site anytime it feels needed.
  6. The subscription option can be change anytime.
  7. Any subscription offer or priority can change any time and the right is deserved to BDjobinfo.com.
  8. Supports for any technical issues are going to be provided email.
  9. To choose any applicants, BDjobinfo.com is not responsible. It is duty of the company to find out information about the applicants and to verify them.

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For any information about the site you can easily contact with us for further details about terms and conditions.

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